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A Questionnaire for Heterosexuals
Comedic article from an edition of Spokeswoman, the newsletter of the St. John's Status of Women Council, listing thirteen questions for heterosexuals to call attention to the absurdity of the questions heterosexuals ask queer people.

What’s The Buzz?
Excerpts from The Heterosexism Enquirer Newsletter. One excerpt talks about the potential for violence in same sex relationships, specifically in lesbian relationships. The other excerpt talks about the heterosexual privilege of being able to…

A Project about Lesbians and Their Relationships with Their Sisters
Article in the St. John's Status of Women Council's newsletter, Spokeswoman, describing a study exploring lesbians’ relationships with their sisters. The article states that the study is specifically interested in exploring the meaning of sisterhood,…

Homophobia in school to be addressed
Article in an edition of the St. John's Status of Women Council's Spokeswoman newsletter adapted from an NGALE press release on the launch of their new “Homophobia Awareness Project” education project.

Breaking the Barrier of Homophobia
Educational article in an edition of the St. John's Status of Women Council's newsletter Spokeswoman about homophobia. It has a list of myths and facts about queer people, notes on experiences of injustice and ways to eliminate homophobia.

The Impact of Heterosexism on Lesbian Health Care
Article from “The Heterosexism Enquirer” in an edition of the St. John's Status of Women Council's newsletter Spokeswoman on the impact that homophobia and sexism have on lesbian health care.

"Gay Association Looking for Support"
An article published in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper, by the Community Homophile Association of Newfoundland looking for new members. It includes their location and the activities they hope to organize as a group,…

"Gay teens face hidden obstacles" / "Confronting homophobia"
Two articles in the Women Speak newsletter. The first is written by feminist therapist Susan McConnell on the difficulties of sexual identity development for queer teens. It also includes an ad for her therapy practice. The second is a satirical…

"Sexuality 89: a Positive Perspective"
A bulletin in the fall 1988 copy of Women Speak that promotes the second annual symposium about sexuality in St. John's. It was sponsored by Planned Parenthood and included a number of workshops focusing on issues from AIDS to sexual orientation.…

"Abuse in the closet: Violence in lesbian relationships"
Article on the need to recognize intimate partner violence (IPV) in lesbian relationships and the stigma of talking about IPV in lesbian communities. The author argues that this issue is not often taken seriously and that there are limited supports…

"Reproductive technologies are disempowering women"
Article on reproductive technologies and IVF. It discusses how lesbian women are excluded from writings on fertility and often judged by physicians as not having the "appropriate potential for parenting."Waterlily was published quarterly from…

Women and stress
This "women and stress" chart, published in Hatch's newsletter, was created by a group of women at a workshop in Labrador and aimed to help women visualize their stressors and the ways these connected to larger structures of injustice in their world,…

"Sixty Speak out at GSB Conference"
Article about a conference held by the Boston Gay Speakers Bureau. One presenter, Charles Bonnell, held a workshop in which he discussed misinformation surrounding homosexuals. He also educated the attendees on the occurrence of gay relations within…
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