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The article details the occupation of the Secretary of State's office in St. John's by feminist protestors to fight funding cuts for women's centres across Canada.
At 11:30am on March 25th a hundred women occupied the secretary of state's office.…

Show Me The Button I’ll Push It 6.jpeg
A black and white still image of Rick Mercer with his arms in the air. Performed at the LSPU.

Muse, 1990-02-09(2).png
Call published in the Muse for submissions for the paper's upcoming Lesbian and Gay Issues Supplement. The listing also encourages individuals to drop by The Muse's office to share their ideas.

Waterlily vol 2 no 3, p. 19.tif
Article on reproductive technologies and IVF. It discusses how lesbian women are excluded from writings on fertility and often judged by physicians as not having the "appropriate potential for parenting."Waterlily was published quarterly from…

Waterlily vol 2 no 3, p. 6.tif
Article on the need to recognize intimate partner violence (IPV) in lesbian relationships and the stigma of talking about IPV in lesbian communities. The author argues that this issue is not often taken seriously and that there are limited supports…

Women Speak vol 7 no 4, p. 4-5.tif
Two articles in the Women Speak newsletter. The first is written by feminist therapist Susan McConnell on the difficulties of sexual identity development for queer teens. It also includes an ad for her therapy practice. The second is a satirical…

Article in the March 1990 edition of the Newfoundland Medical Association about a new centre for AIDS awareness and support, founded by Jeffrey Howard and Wally Upward. The centre's board of directors included representatives from gay groups as well…
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