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Newspaper article describing the reading of Prof. Danielle’s will. He left the Octagon Castle to Mr. Frederick Brazill and a small amount of money and land to his servants.

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Report on the Atlantic Gay and Lesbian Community Conference, held in Halifax from November 9th-12th under the auspices of the Gay Alliance for Equality. It features a quote from Carole Dunphy of Paradise, one of only 36 delegates, whose first…

_Letter from John E. Godman to Frederick A. Brazill, June 23, 1902  (dragged).jpg
A letter written by John E. Godman in reply to previous correspondence with Frederick A. Brazill. Godman writes about the Potts family and a particular unnamed member, who Brazill had previously inquired about due to receiving a letter from them.…

Small envelope with a picture of the Octagon Castle and text describing its amenities. Written on the address side is “For Sale 350”, and in shaky handwriting beneath it, “For You [illegible].” The illegible word may be “Charles”.

An exterior shot of the Octagon Castle, with a man with a bicycle in the foreground and three more men with bicycles in the background. Written around the picture are the words “St. John’s”, “June 25 [illegible]”, “Octagon Castle”, “Yours truly, P.H.…

A photograph of the dining room of Octagon Castle with staff and a bearded man, potentially Danielle, on the right looking over the room.

A photograph of a large room in the Octagon Castle, with a high ceiling, a loft, and seven chairs.

A photograph taken inside the Octagon Castle looking through the opened entryways of three different rooms, plus an upper level in the outermost room.
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