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Tommy Sexton sunbathing on tropical beach, 1988.jpg
A photograph of Tommy Sexton on a tropical beach, shirtless and facing the sun with his eyes closed. There are people, boats, houses, trees, and a partial view of the ocean in the background.

Tommy Sexton (1957-1993) was an actor, dancer,…

Tommy Under a Plant Arch Holding Flower.jpg
Photo of Tommy Sexton under an archway of greenery and florals. Tommy is holding onto a branch of flowers and leaves, head bent and slightly smiling towards the camera. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a faded image, casual pants, a backpack, and a…

Tommy Sexton on tropical beach, 1988.jpg
Tommy Sexton sitting on a beach in a tropical location. Behind him there are are buildings, people, a boat and a large hill covered in trees.

Tommy Sexton (1957-1993) was an actor, dancer, musician, and comedian born in St. John's, Newfoundland.…
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