Gender Variance

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Gender Variance


The NLQRI uses gender variance to refer to a broad and inclusive range of non-normative gender practices. Treating gender as a practice rather than simply a category allows us to collect a wider range of historical materials relating to gender non-conforming people and practices throughout history.

Collection Items

Insane woman dressed in male attire washing a chimney
Article in the Evening Telegram about a woman dressed in male attire who was discovered by a neighbor while washing a chimney, then admitted to the lunatic asylum.

P.  Miller Scrapbook,  January-December 1920
Cover of Peter Miller’s scrapbook. Mixed media collage with birchbark caribou head on pale green background and lettering reading "1920 From Caribou Land". Handwritten introduction page to the scrapbook, explaining the nature of the materials used,…

"A Letter from Charles Edwin"
A letter to the editor in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper. The author discusses their journey with their gender identity and inquires if they have a place in the queer community.

Alternative Presses - Guy to Goddess: An Intimate Look at Drag Queens
A review of a recent book (1994) by Bill Richardson on drag queens, with photography by Rosamund Norby. Though the queens interviewed are not identified by location, it is mentioned that one of the queens is from Newfoundland.

"Last Night's Carnival"
Article in the Evening Herald about an ice skating masquerade carnival. It includes a description of a man named John Harvey dressed as a woman and wearing makeup, a performance enhanced by his skating backwards.
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