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Privacy and Take Down Procedures

While our aim is to make the queer history of Newfoundland and Labrador widely accessible across the province, we do our best to avoid violating the privacy of individuals whose lives are represented in the collection. If any materials in our digital archive violates your personal privacy or you have concerns and would like the content removed please contact us at: NLQueerResearch@gmail.com Our team will address the situation and remove the items from our site immediately. All of the digital items in our collection are the result of collaboration with a number of different institutions to digitize copyright free items within their collections. We do our best to ensure that the items in our digital archives are available online for noncommercial purposes such as research and education. Reproduction requests pertaining to any materials in our digital archive should be directed to the hosting institution indicated as the publisher on each item, especially in regards to publication related inquiries. If any of the content here violates copyright, please contact us at NLQueerResearch@gmail.com and we will rectify the situation right away.