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AIDS History


Items related to the history of AIDS in the province from 1983- 2000

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AIDS awareness centre opened in St. John's
Article in the March 1990 edition of the Newfoundland Medical Association about a new centre for AIDS awareness and support, founded by Jeffrey Howard and Wally Upward. The centre's board of directors included representatives from gay groups as well…

Informational video about AIDS and its transmission. At 5:57 a bar graph is shown displaying AIDS cases by a patient group from 1981-1986. 73% were noted to be homosexual/bisexual men.  6:08 in video it shows that 74% of the "high-risk group" is…

Annual Report of the Department of Health 1993 - 1994
Annual report of Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services. Page 36 is a statistical report on AIDS and HIV for that year. On the bottom, it shows the different risk categories of those infected; homosexual/bisexual men are one category. Page 31 is…

"No Gays on AIDS Committee"
Article in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper, that describes the newly formed AIDS committee at Memorial University. The organization GALA recognizes one fatal flaw in the composition of the committee: there are no…

Ray Condon while teaching in Nigeria
Ray Condon was an AIDS activist born in 1945 in Calvert, Newfoundland. He was a trailblazing teacher in the province who became an activist after his 1991 diagnosis and spent the rest of his life fighting for 2SLGBTQ+ rights in Newfoundland and…

"Silence = Death" Sticker
A Pink Triangle sticker with the words silence = death written on it. This was the slogan first coined in the 1987 political poster and was commonly used by the coalition ACT UP to demand government action during the AIDS epidemic.
The sticker was…
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