GAIN Foresight November 23, 1985

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GAIN Foresight November 23, 1985


Monthly newsletter for members of the Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN). It announces GAIN’s Christmas dance, to be held the following month at the Graduate House. It also provides several updates related to AIDS, including a look at which provinces had made it a reportable disease; an outline of two different types of AIDS tests, the ELISA test and the Western Blot test; statistics on positive test results in the United States; information about AIDS information committees established in Atlantic Canada, including St. John’s own, formed in September; and details from American news reports on AIDS, including patients’ average hospital costs. Most notably, it reports that Newfoundland’s Department of Health had recorded 16 HIV-positive cases with the Western Blot test, including one with AIDS, and another 10 HIV-positive cases with the ELISA test, and that members of GAIN would be meeting with Dr. Richard Huntsman of the Red Cross and infectious disease Dr. Ian Bowmer of the Health Science Centre that week. It also includes a reprinted article about a delegation of the International Lesbian Information Service which travelled to Nairobi, Kenya to run workshops outside the UN World Conference on Women.


Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN)


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November 23, 1985








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