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Rick Mercer in On Edge 4.jpeg
Coloured image of the play, On Edge, in action. Three actors are standing, and one is lying down. Image features Rick Mercer, Beni Malone, Mary Lewis, and Christine Taylor.

Rick Mercer in On Edge 3.jpeg
Black and white photo of Rick Mercer sitting and pointing at the camera.

Poster for the On Edge show at the LSPU Hall.Written by Beni Malone and Rick MercerDirected by Lois BrownStarring Beni Malone, Rick Mercer, Mary Lewis, Randy Follett, and Christine TaylorDesigned by Peggy Hogan, Barry Nichols, and Boo NoseworthyShow…

Tommy Sexton in resort room, 1989.jpg
A photograph of Tommy Sexton sitting in a resort room in a tropical location. Behind him is a window showing the ocean below. An unknown person is partially show on the right side of the image.

Tommy Sexton (1957-1993) was an actor, dancer,…

Tommy Sexton with cat by Christmas tree, 1989.jpg
Photo of Tommy Sexton seated on the ground, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. He is holding a black cat. A Christmas tree and coffee table are visible in the background.

Tommy Sexton (1957-1993) was an actor, dancer, musician, and comedian born…

Muse, 1989-07-07.png
Article in the Muse describing a vigil held on June 20th, 1989 in the TSC at Memorial University remembering those lost to AIDS. The vigil spanned two days and was attended by members of the Anglican Synod, community members, and representatives from…

Article in the Muse announcing the formation of a Gay Studies Group at Memorial University, a space for students, faculty, and staff, to engage with academic topics and research related to gay studies/queer studies. Interviews member Ron Knowling,…
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