GAIN Foresight August 24, 1985

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GAIN Foresight August 24, 1985


Monthly newsletter for members of the Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN). It announces the next few GAIN dances and notes that the group was planning a trip to Halifax in early October. It reports that a brief that GAIN prepared for the House of Commons Equality Committee would be presented to four MPs who would soon be visiting St. John’s, and that the group planned in September to start on a brief for the provincial government asking that sexual orientation be included in the provincial human rights code. It discusses GAIN’s latest letter-writing efforts, including letters to the World Health Organization and World Psychiatric Association, asking them to remove homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases and ask all their member nations to do the same, and to a general of the Salvation Army, which had launched a petition against a bill to decriminalize male homosexuality in New Zealand. It describes the International Gay Association’s first ever international meeting in Canada, held in Toronto from July 1st-7th, at which four GAIN members (Wally Upward, Murray, Ann, and Catherine) were in attendance. It reports that one case of AIDS had been diagnosed in Newfoundland, noting that an unofficial source said it was in Grand Falls, and that others had been treated for AIDS in the province after being diagnosed in other provinces. It also includes an update on AIDS from GANG’s Robin Metcalfe in Halifax, whose Metro Area Committee on AIDS had held its first meeting in July, and AIDS news from the United States, where the publicization of Rock Hudson’s illness had brought new publicity to the disease, as well as other gay news from Halifax, West Germany, New Zealand. It calls for new members to join GAIN, especially women.


Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN)


Paper text held in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies


Centre for Newfoundland Studies and the Memorial University of Newfoundland Digital Archive Initiative


August 24, 1985








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