GAIN Foresight October 1985

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GAIN Foresight October 1985


Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. Reports that GAIN raised $382.75 at their AIDS fundraising night at Katz bar in order to buy and freely distribute AIDS information; they sent for pamphlets from the Harvey Milk Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club and other organizations in Canada. It notes that the turnout for their film night screening of The Times of Harvey Milk was by far the largest of any movie they had shown for a long time. Detailed AIDS information is included for the first time about safe and unsafe sex as well as descriptions of symptoms, from the AIDS Education Committee, coordinated by Wally Upward, Sandy Pottle, Doug Keel, and Beth Lacey. It also includes an announcement that the book The Joy of Gay Sex was added to the Canada Customs “Banned List” and requests that readers write to Hon. John C. Crosbie (Minister of Justice) asking why the book is banned and expressing concern about its banning. Finally, the newsletter includes a photocopy of the obituary of actor Rock Hudson, one of the first high-profile celebrities to die from AIDS-related causes, from Maclean’s magazine.


Gay Association in Newfoundland


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October 19, 1985


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Gay Association in Newfoundland, “GAIN Foresight October 1985,” The Newfoundland and Labrador Queer Archive, accessed May 28, 2024,