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Newspaper article that praises Prof. Danielle’s decorating projects. It describes the professor’s parlour, with a focus on his multicoloured, satin, and silk piano canopy. It also mentions his work with drapes, including one gifted to the…

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A newspaper notice that Charles Danielle was ill at Octagon Castle. It mentions a visit by Dr. Tait.

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Newspaper article describing the reading of Prof. Danielle’s will. He left the Octagon Castle to Mr. Frederick Brazill and a small amount of money and land to his servants.

Article about the death and funeral of Charles H. Danielle. Danielle died on May 1st, 1902; after his death, his adopted son Brazill inherited Danielle’s wealth and possessions. Danielle’s last wishes were to have his funeral executed in a specific…

Article about Charles H. Danielle and the question of the inheritance of his estate. It describes how Danielle had moved to Newfoundland after a life of acting, teaching dance, and costuming in Brooklyn, New York. Danielle’s first house burnt down…

Letter from Clarence H. Waugh to Frederick A. Brazill, January 8, 1903 (dragged).jpg
A letter written by Clarence H. Waugh, a former acquaintance of Charles H. Danielle in the United States, in reply to Frederick A, Brazill, dated January 8, 1903. The letter thanks to Brazill for sending a photo, an obituary card for Charles, a…

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Picture of Frederick Brazill looking into Charles Danielle's coffin, inside the Octagon Castle.

_Letter from John E. Godman to Frederick A. Brazill, June 23, 1902  (dragged).jpg
A letter written by John E. Godman in reply to previous correspondence with Frederick A. Brazill. Godman writes about the Potts family and a particular unnamed member, who Brazill had previously inquired about due to receiving a letter from them.…

Small envelope with a picture of the Octagon Castle and text describing its amenities. Written on the address side is “For Sale 350”, and in shaky handwriting beneath it, “For You [illegible].” The illegible word may be “Charles”.

An exterior shot of the Octagon Castle, with a man with a bicycle in the foreground and three more men with bicycles in the background. Written around the picture are the words “St. John’s”, “June 25 [illegible]”, “Octagon Castle”, “Yours truly, P.H.…

A photograph of the dining room of Octagon Castle with staff and a bearded man, potentially Danielle, on the right looking over the room.

A photograph of a large room in the Octagon Castle, with a high ceiling, a loft, and seven chairs.

A photograph taken inside the Octagon Castle looking through the opened entryways of three different rooms, plus an upper level in the outermost room.

Photograph of Charles Henry Danielle sitting casually with man and woman on front step of Octagon Castle.

Group photograph by James Vey of Charles Henry Danielle and 9 staff members at Octagon Castle.

Very detailed five pages of post-mortem instructions by Charles H. Danielle within a folder indicating the instructions were kept behind a frame.

Notebook containing instructions and information from Charles H. Danielle to Frederick A. Brazill on what to do immediately after Danielle’s death. Danielle notes that he left several letters between the pages of the notebook for Brazill to mail…

Letter written on an Octagon Castle letterhead by Charles H. Danielle stating that after his death, his employee Mrs. A. Ryan should continue in her position of cook and general household servant at the Octagon Castle under the mastership of…
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