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royal lake pavillion.jpeg
A photograph of Charles Danielle's royal lake pavilion which was located near the bandstand by Quidi Vidi Lake

An article in the Evening Telegram inviting St. John’s patrons to the Royal Lake Pavillion for Regatta day. This was Professor Charles Danielle's restaurant and "dancing apartment" that he owned on Quidi Vidi lake.

Evening Herald, 1899-02-10.jpg
Article in the Evening Herald about an ice skating masquerade carnival. It includes a description of a man named John Harvey dressed as a woman and wearing makeup, a performance enhanced by his skating backwards.

Evening Telegram (St. John's, N.L.), 1890-04-21 (1).jpg
A short notice in the Evening Telegram inviting St. John’s patrons to a fancy-dress costume ball in Harbour Grace put on by Professor Charles Danielle’s students. It notes that if enough people would be travelling to the event, fares would be half…

Harbor Grace Standard, 1890-02-08.jpg
Listing for dance classes offered by Charles Henry Danielle in the Harbour Grace Standard.

Harbor Grace Standard, 1890-01-25 (1).jpg
Announcement by Charles H. Danielle in the Harbour Grace Standard advertising dance classes to individuals of all ages, for practice and pleasure. The dance classes and assembly were free.

Evening Herald, 1899-02-10.jpg
Article in the Evening Herald documenting a masquerade carnival, with performances taking place on ice. In particular, a man named John Harvey dressed in feminine attire backwards, providing the illusion of skating backwards.

Evening Telegram, 1896-03-30.jpg
Article in the Evening Telegram about a woman dressed in male attire who was discovered by a neighbor while washing a chimney, then admitted to the lunatic asylum.
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