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At Tompkins. [Landscape with view of rural road].jpg
A photograph of a landscape with a view of a rural road, fence, and hills in the distance.

Edith S. Watson (1861-1943) was an American freelance photographer who travelled throughout Canada as well as Newfoundland and Labrador in the early 20th…

Evening Telegram. 1913-09-04.jpg
Announcement in The Evening Telegram that Edith S. Watson and Victoria Hayward would be visiting the province that week. They were visiting Labrador on this particular trip and both were reported to have enjoyed their visit. Article describes a "fine…

1991.06 About face.pdf
This newsletter was a reboot of the original AboutFace newsletter published by CHAN in the 1970s. Gays and Lesbians Together (GALT) recognised the foundational work done by CHAN and sought to reestablish the newsletter as a source of local gay and…
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