AboutFace, June 1991

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AboutFace, June 1991


This newsletter was a reboot of the original AboutFace newsletter published by CHAN in the 1970s. Gays and Lesbians Together (GALT) recognised the foundational work done by CHAN and sought to reestablish the newsletter as a source of local gay and lesbian news and first-person writing. It includes an article on campaign for an amendment to the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Code to include protection on basis of sexual orientation. They conducted a survey of experiences of discrimination to be presented to the House of Assembly and Human Rights Commission. It also includes an article celebrating the connection between pride events and revolt and rebellion "in the spirit of Stonewall." GALT was preparing for St. John's Lesbian and Gay Pride Day 1991 when this issue was published. It includes an article on celebrating lesbian motherhood, written by a single lesbian parent, Debbie N. Article, on speaking up about AIDS in the gay community in Newfoundland, and furthering education about AIDS generally. It also includes an article from Robin A. Stagg on growing up "gay in the bay," reflecting on their experiences and how discrimination and abuse has impacted their life. It lists upcoming Lesbian and Gay Pride Week events: a dance, safe sex workshops, film screenings, readings from gay and lesbian writers, drag shows, picnic and rally, sporting events, benefit evening.


Gays and Lesbians Together (GALT)



Gays and Lesbians Together (GALT)


June 1991








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