GAIN Foresight May 1985

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GAIN Foresight May 1985


Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. It notes that a dance had been held on April 13th at Grad House, fundraising for famine relief in Ethiopia, and announces that GAIN's next general meeting would be on June 11 and its next dance on June 15. It reports that The Evening Telegram would be printing an article about GAIN and its work. It provides several local and international AIDS statistics and updates, including that a man in Newfoundland had been misdiagnosed with AIDS; that a doctor from the Canadian Red Cross had stated that risk of getting AIDS from a blood transfusion in Newfoundland was "as near zero as you can get"; and that a germ had been discovered in monkeys, HTLV-111, that was believed to be the cause of AIDS. It also includes ads for housing rentals; for a non-denominational support group for religious gays and lesbians established by a nun; for the Lesbian Mothers' Defence Fund and their legal resources; for an upcoming OXFAM walk; and for Integrity Toronto, an Anglican church for gay men, lesbians, and allies. It discusses plans to launch a GAIN softball team for the summer, and GAIN's campaigns to have sexual orientation included in the Canadian Human Rights Code, reporting that GAIN would be presenting a brief to the federal government committee on the issue. It mentions an interview in The Metro with Sheila Robinson, who previously identified as a lesbian but was now working through a "special ministry" of conversion. It also mentions two murder and sexual assault trials in St. John's that year that involved men assaulting other men.


Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN)


Paper text held in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies


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May 25, 1985








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