AboutFace, October 1991

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AboutFace, October 1991


This was the second issue of a reboot of the original AboutFace newsletter published by CHAN in the 1970s. GALT recognised the foundational work done by CHAN and sought to reestablish the newsletter as a source of local gay and lesbian news and first-person writing. It includes an ad for "Men's Survey '91" seeking gay and bisexual men across Canada to help address AIDS and other community issues. There is an article on GALT's lesbian and gay support phone line, which had recently expanded to two nights a week. There is also an article by Padraic Brake on Out From Under the Rock, a new collection of stories edited by Brake and Peggy Keats focusing on lesbian and gay experiences in Newfoundland and Labrador. There is a review of events from Pride Week. The rally drew 75 people though some events reached up to 700 people. Premier Clyde Wells was awarded in absentia the Cucumber of the Year Award for "the person most unwilling to support lesbian and gay rights." It also includes a brief on new youth group, Gay and Lesbian Youth (GLY), in St. John's; the Michigan Women's Festival attended by several women from Newfoundland; a brief presented by GALT to the provincial government; and a new action group, the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Newfoundland and Labrador (CLGRNL). There is an article on how the St. John's Status of Women Council has formed a committee to examine homophobia within the community as well as within their own organisation. There is an ad for weekly get-togethers sponsored by GALT. There is an article on ACT UP and Queer Nation, and organising on the mainland more broadly. There is an article from Debbie Norman (who wrote on single lesbian motherhood in the previous June 1991 issue) on her experience of coming out in 1991. There is an article by Tania Dopler on her wedding to her partner through a "lesbian commitment ceremony." The issue also discusses other ways that queer couples celebrate unions outside of the legal marriage system. It includes an interview with an anonymous man, David, who is living with HIV in St. John's. David discusses the process of testing, negative experiences with healthcare in Toronto, symptoms, treatment, education about AIDS, and his more positive feelings since moving back to Newfoundland. Finally, the issue includes a financial statement on Lesbian and Gay Pride Week.


Gays and Lesbians Together (GALT)



Gays and Lesbians Together (GALT)


October 1991






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