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The cover of the Body Politic's September - October issue from 1975 which features the Canadian/ Community Homophile Association of Newfoundland front and centre with a banner that reads "C.H.A.N. St. John's NFLD."

1976.09 Body Politic.jpeg
Article about CHAN and how it had positively affected life for gays and lesbians in St. John’s. It describes a boycott CHAN organized of the Waterfront Tavern after two gay men were thrown out of the bar for dancing together, and a presentation CHAN…

1975.01-02 Body Politic.jpeg
Review of A Strange Breed of Cat: An Encounter in Human Sexuality by psychologist B. Mark Schoenberg, a book recording the sessions of a male encounter group at Memorial University consisting of seven students: two gay, one bisexual, three…

Gay Community News, 1975 Vol. 02, No. 32.png
Article about a conference held by the Boston Gay Speakers Bureau. One presenter, Charles Bonnell, held a workshop in which he discussed misinformation surrounding homosexuals. He also educated the attendees on the occurrence of gay relations within…
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