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Muse, 1986-11-14 (1).png
In a newspaper article from the MUSE, the author describes the ratification of MUN'S first queer group: Memorial University Gay and Lesbian Association. They ran into some administrative trouble at first because their executive had a non student…

Muse, 1987-10-23.png
Article in MUN's student newspaper, The Muse, describing that The Memorial University Gay and Lesbian Association (MUNGALA) will not be ratified by the Council of the Student's Union in the coming year, but will remain active on campus. Author…

Muse, 1974-11-01.jpg
An ad placed in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland’s student newspaper informing gay men and women of an organized group in St. John’s, CHAN (Community Homophile Association of Newfoundland). Their contact information as well as a…

Muse, 1990-02-09(2).png
Call published in the Muse for submissions for the paper's upcoming Lesbian and Gay Issues Supplement. The listing also encourages individuals to drop by The Muse's office to share their ideas.

Muse, 1990-02-09.png
Listing in The Muse for a panel discussion being held on the Hughes Commission and the lesbian and gay community.
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