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An advertisement for the Gay Association of Newfoundland in the MUSE student newspaper that says "Gay? So are we! To contact someone gay about being gay write: Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N.)"

Muse, 1974-06-28.jpg
An advertisement in the muse newsletter, a student newsletter from Memorial University of Newfoundland. The advertisement reads "Gay??? Why not contact CHAN (The Canadian Homophile Association of Newfoundland) G.P.O. 613 St. John's. All…

The Body politic, October 1979.jpeg
An advertisement for 6 CBC radio shows on various queer topics, to be broadcasted around Canada. Topics included identity, a story of a polyamorous relationship, and gay consciousness.CBC running a radio show explicitly about queer topics, and…

NAN's News May 1995 p. 1.tif
Issue of the NAN newsletter. Contains a letter to NAN asking why the lesbian dances were advertised on the radio, citing fear of being outed to family or coworkers. The response notes that no member of NAN purposefully put it on the radio, and that…

Small envelope with a picture of the Octagon Castle and text describing its amenities. Written on the address side is “For Sale 350”, and in shaky handwriting beneath it, “For You [illegible].” The illegible word may be “Charles”.
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