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A Questionnaire for Heterosexuals, Fall 2000.jpg
Comedic article from an edition of Spokeswoman, the newsletter of the St. John's Status of Women Council, listing thirteen questions for heterosexuals to call attention to the absurdity of the questions heterosexuals ask queer people.

What's The Buzz, Spring 2000.jpg
Excerpts from The Heterosexism Enquirer Newsletter. One excerpt talks about the potential for violence in same sex relationships, specifically in lesbian relationships. The other excerpt talks about the heterosexual privilege of being able to…

Women's Work; Women's Challenge, Winter 2001.jpg
Article in the St. John's Status of Women Council's newsletter, Spokeswoman, describing a study exploring lesbians’ relationships with their sisters. The article states that the study is specifically interested in exploring the meaning of sisterhood,…

Homophobia in school to be addressed + Breaking the Barrier of Homophobia, Fall 1998.jpg
Article in an edition of the St. John's Status of Women Council's Spokeswoman newsletter adapted from an NGALE press release on the launch of their new “Homophobia Awareness Project” education project.

Homophobia in school to be addressed + Breaking the Barrier of Homophobia, Fall 1998 2.jpg
Educational article in an edition of the St. John's Status of Women Council's newsletter Spokeswoman about homophobia. It has a list of myths and facts about queer people, notes on experiences of injustice and ways to eliminate homophobia.

The Impact of Heterosexism on Lesbian Health Care, Summer 2001 p. 1.jpg
Article from “The Heterosexism Enquirer” in an edition of the St. John's Status of Women Council's newsletter Spokeswoman on the impact that homophobia and sexism have on lesbian health care.

Evening Telegram, 1896-03-30.jpg
Article in the Evening Telegram about a woman dressed in male attire who was discovered by a neighbor while washing a chimney, then admitted to the lunatic asylum.

Letter written on an Octagon Castle letterhead by Charles H. Danielle stating that after his death, his employee Mrs. A. Ryan should continue in her position of cook and general household servant at the Octagon Castle under the mastership of…

Notebook containing instructions and information from Charles H. Danielle to Frederick A. Brazill on what to do immediately after Danielle’s death. Danielle notes that he left several letters between the pages of the notebook for Brazill to mail…

Very detailed five pages of post-mortem instructions by Charles H. Danielle within a folder indicating the instructions were kept behind a frame.

Cover of Peter Miller’s scrapbook. Mixed media collage with birchbark caribou head on pale green background and lettering reading "1920 From Caribou Land". Handwritten introduction page to the scrapbook, explaining the nature of the materials used,…

Photograph of Charles Henry Danille and Frederick Brazill, Brazil posed standing with hand rested on the shoulder of Charles Henry Danielle.

Group photograph by James Vey of Charles Henry Danielle and 9 staff members at Octagon Castle.

Photograph of Charles Henry Danielle sitting casually with man and woman on front step of Octagon Castle.

Article in the March 1990 edition of the Newfoundland Medical Association about a new centre for AIDS awareness and support, founded by Jeffrey Howard and Wally Upward. The centre's board of directors included representatives from gay groups as well…

Informational video about AIDS and its transmission. At 5:57 a bar graph is shown displaying AIDS cases by a patient group from 1981-1986. 73% were noted to be homosexual/bisexual men.  6:08 in video it shows that 74% of the "high-risk group" is…

Annual report of Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services. Page 36 is a statistical report on AIDS and HIV for that year. On the bottom, it shows the different risk categories of those infected; homosexual/bisexual men are one category. Page 31 is…

Photograph by James Vey of Charles Henry Danielle in Neptune costume.

Black wooden card with gold detailing states Charles Henry Danielle's date of death as the 1st of May, 1902, age 71 years 6 months. Contains a poem about grief and heaven. Above the poem is a picture of Danielle at the centre.

A photograph of Charles H. Danielle.

A photograph taken inside the Octagon Castle looking through the opened entryways of three different rooms, plus an upper level in the outermost room.

A photograph of a large room in the Octagon Castle, with a high ceiling, a loft, and seven chairs.

A photograph of the dining room of Octagon Castle with staff and a bearded man, potentially Danielle, on the right looking over the room.

An exterior shot of the Octagon Castle, with a man with a bicycle in the foreground and three more men with bicycles in the background. Written around the picture are the words “St. John’s”, “June 25 [illegible]”, “Octagon Castle”, “Yours truly, P.H.…

Small envelope with a picture of the Octagon Castle and text describing its amenities. Written on the address side is “For Sale 350”, and in shaky handwriting beneath it, “For You [illegible].” The illegible word may be “Charles”.

Article in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper, that describes the newly formed AIDS committee at Memorial University. The organization GALA recognizes one fatal flaw in the composition of the committee: there are no…

Muse 1974_06_28.png
An article published in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper, by the Community Homophile Association of Newfoundland looking for new members. It includes their location and the activities they hope to organize as a group,…

Muse, 1974-02-15.png
A letter to the editor in the Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper. The author discusses their journey with their gender identity and inquires if they have a place in the queer community.

Evening Telegram, 1924-04-19 (1).jpg
An article in the Evening Telegram's Trinity section that recounts a story of two men in Trinity who shared a powerful love “passing the love of women” which enabled one to have a vision in a dream of the other while he was at sea. It argues that…

Letter with an Octagon Castle letterhead from Charles H. Danielle to Frederick A. Brazill about the protocols to follow upon Danielle's death and plans for his funeral.

Evening Telegram (St. John's, N.L.), 1923-05-07.jpg
Article in the Evening Telegram about several women who passed themselves off as men for various reasons, such as for wages or love.

Muse, 1987-03-06 -1.png
Article in Memorial University of Newfoundland's student newspaper, the Muse, reporting that Ms. J Dawson, a St. John's resident, complained to CHMR campus radio station about a song she deemed offensive called "I'm In Like A Dyke (Named Spike)"…

Evening Herald, 1899-02-10.jpg
Article in the Evening Herald documenting a masquerade carnival, with performances taking place on ice. In particular, a man named John Harvey dressed in feminine attire backwards, providing the illusion of skating backwards.

The Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N.) October 87 -1.jpg
Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. In this newsletter, Priscilla’s Bar (379 Duckworth St., St. John's; now the Republic) is mentioned as Newfoundland’s only gay bar; it hosts a support dance for GAIN. The newsletter also advertises…

Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N) October 85 -1.jpg
Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. Reports that GAIN raised $382.75 at their AIDS fundraising night at Katz bar in order to buy and freely distribute AIDS information; they sent for pamphlets from the Harvey Milk Lesbian and Gay…

The Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N.) January 85 -1 (1).jpg
Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. Reports that GAIN is selling pink triangles for $5 to GAIN members and requests that sexual orientation be added to the Newfoundland Human Rights Code, and that there is one case of AIDS in…

Monthly newsletter for GAIN members. It includes news items such as a dance that was to be held at the Women's Centre. Reports that GAIN has AIDS brochures such as “It’s Raining Men, Do You Have Your Rubbers On?” and “This is a Test, This is Only a…

_Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N) September 85 -1.jpg
Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. Reports that the Memorial University of Newfoundland Film Society held a screening of The Times of Harvey Milk, considered to be “the most important gay film of the year”, on September 27th. AIDS…

 Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N) March 85 -1.jpg
Gay Association in Newfoundland monthly newsletter. Notes that GAIN had an ad in the Evening Telegram and mentions Blair J, a member of Gays of Ottawa that brought them a copy of "The Gay Organizer". They were looking for two men and two women to…

1986.01.15 GAIN 1.jpeg
Monthly newsletter for GAIN members. It includes several announcements: that a telephone line will operate out of Wally Upward’s house; the opening of a new gay bar, Pricella’s; and efforts to have sexual orientation added as prohibited grounds of…

The Body politic, October 1976.jpeg
Article in The Body Politic about a bar in St. John's called The Sea Breeze, which had hired extra bouncers to deal with violent clashes. After this effort was unsuccessful, management converted the bar into a private club to prevent violence. They…

The Body politic, December 1985.jpeg
Article in The Body Politic about a dance GAIN (Gay Association in Newfoundland) was hosting in conjunction with the Chicago House AIDS hospice performance fundraiser for queer people who are dying of AIDS. The event was being hosted as a Christmas…

_Gay Association in Newfoundland (G.A.I.N) April 85 -1 .jpg
This article details the community of Gayside actions to change the name to Baytona. The community expressed concerns over the barrage of insulting jokes pertaining to the name ‘Gayside’, and as a result took a poll to change the name. The community…

1986.03.22 GAIN 1.jpeg
Monthly newsletter for GAIN members. It mentions the installation of a phone line and calls for volunteers to run it; contains a response from the Office of the Minister of Justice to GAIN members’ letters about the censorship of the book The Joy of…

The Body politic, November 1984 1_2 (1).jpeg
An advertisement and interview about the comedy revue "Too Foolish to Talk About", created by Greg Malone and Tommy Sexton. The article discusses the show and how it has allowed the duo to have more freedom to perform openly gay materials. The actors…

The Body politic, December 1979_January 1980.jpeg
Article in The Body Politic which states there had been a petition to change the name of a street in St. John's, Newfoundland. The street's name was "Dildo Place." It is noted that it is not known why the residents wanted the street name…

The Body politic, September 1983 2.jpeg
Article in The Body Politic describing the first ever lesbian and gay phone-line conference held in Halifax from June 17-19th. It is noted that these workshops were designed as an information exchange and advice hub for those wishing to set up gay…

The Body politic, May 1983.jpeg
An article discussing the latest incarceration of the Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN.) It appears to have been a positive event as the publication of GAIN's first newsletter skyrockets, called "Gain Foresight." The article then goes on to…

The Body politic, June_July 1980.jpeg
Article in The Body Politic describing a violent police raid on the night of March 14, 1980 at Friends Bar in St. John's. It reports that police entered at 2:45 am with the intention to shut down the bar at any cost. Patrons were ordered to leave by…

The Body politic, September 1983.png
A short banner that mentions the success of the Gay Association in Newfoundland (GAIN)'s first ever pride week hosted in the summer of 1983. They speak to the president of GAIN at the time, Theresa Walsh and discuss the origin of pride in the…
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